Trans-Siberian Route

Trans-Siberian Railway route. Adventure of your lifetime!

trans-siberian railway winter tour

Winter is the best time to explore Russia. Get to know 5 Reasons why taking the Trans-Siberian Railway in Winter. Learn about activities that can be experienced only during winter Trans-Siberian Railway tour.

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Trans-Siberian Railway Group Tour

Grand Moscow, Muslim side of Russia in Kazan, Russian banya in a small village, the Lake Baikal and of course Siberian nature and several time zones.

Group Tour, 15-26 February, 12 days


$ 2735

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Check out Essential Trans-Siberian Railway Guide with info on Russian trains; must-stops from Moscow to Vladivostok; all you need to know about the Trans-Siberian route.

Trans-Sibrian Railway guide

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Browse through ExploRussia’s tours and round-trips along the Trans-Siberian Railway to Siberia and Baikal Lake. ExploRussia breaks Siberian stereotypes of being too far away, too cold and too scary. We want you to experience Siberian hospitality, stunning nature, as well as local culture and traditions. If you are looking for adventures, travel across Russia with the Trans-Siberian Railway or join one of our active tours. Siberia is huge and has a lot to offer, it’s a perfect destination for an unforgettable holiday. We are happy to tailor tours to your needs, interests and physical capabilities. With ExploRussia you will visit Siberia you haven’t even dreamed of!

The Trans-Siberian Railway adventure is on a bucket list of all avid travelers. It is possible to make Trans-Siberian in so many ways, depending on you are a nature lover or an urban explorer, liking history and museums or getting along with locals, learning about their views and life. Whether you are looking for a comfortable travel in a calm paсe or you seek for adventures and rush for more experiences, ExploRussia team is ready to accommodate any of your preferences to make it the best Trans-Siberian experience for you. For sure one has to have time to “go Trans-Siberian”. Even though you spend at least 14 days on that trip, it is absolutely worth it. Highly experienced travelers prefer to embark on a 3-weeks Trans-Siberian journey. Before you go read some articles about Trans-Siberian and Trans-Mongolian adventures.

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